The European Development Championship

Is a series of tournaments which aim to promote regional teams and broadcasts. Innovative franchise system provides tournament partners the right to invite teams from their region or perform regional qualifiers for this slot.

The total prize pool for two renewed seasons will be $90,000. Every season is a stand-alone tournament with $45.000 in prize pool and will feature 36 teams, both from direct invites and qualifiers.

The finalists of each tournament will get a complimentary bootcamp package with a stay in 5-star InterContinental Malta hotel and a right to use it anytime throughout a year after the competition.



Double Elimination BO3

12 invited teams, 4 qualified teams

Group Stage

4 GSL Groups (BO1 Openers, BO3 Deciders)

12 invited teams + 4 from Play-in


Single Elimination BO3

8 invited teams + 8 from Group Stage


1st place


+ bootcamp in marvelous Malta

2nd place


+ bootcamp in marvelous Malta

3rd-4th place


5th-8th place


Meet the Organizers

About Eden Esports


Eden Esports is a Malta-based esports organization founded in 2017 by the Eden Leisure Group, an entertainment and hospitality leader in the country. Eden Esports organize online and offline international esports competitions with the most known titles such as SuperNova Malta 2018, Champions Cup 2019, and Malta Vibes 2020, featuring high prize pools and top teams. Eden Esports goal is to make Malta one of the esports hubs through hosting events, live streaming, and relocating businesses from the industry to the island.


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About GAM3RS_X

G X_2

GAM3RS_X, a sub-daughter company of Fantasyexpo is a leading european gaming agency. Effective project implementation consistent with our partners’ and viewers’ needs is our motto. Our experience, developed strategies and proven tools help us achieve goals in a way that stands out on the market. GAM3RS_X team consist of people who are passionate about gaming and esport who enjoy ambitious projects. We seek new trends and we know what players need. Working with media and influencers is a daily part of our work.


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