The Danish roster claimed the European Development Champions Championship Season 6 title after getting better of K23 with a 2:0 scoreline. The team led by Thomas ” birdfromsky” Due-Frederiksen turned out to be the best of all teams and secured a $20.000 grand prize as well as a bootcamp in Malta. 


Copenhagen Flames started their run in the Play-in Double Elimination Phase. On their way throughout the tournament, they had to face teams such as Dynamo Eclot, Into the Breach, Sangal, Falcons (with the legend himself in their line-up – Kenny ” kennyS” Schrub), SINNERS, and K23 in the Grand Final. Out of 10 matches, they lost only once – against the Czech roster of Dynamo Eclot in the Group B Final standing.

The Grand Finals started with a pretty convincing game by Copenhagen Flames on Overpass – Danish squad took a 16-12 win on K23’s map pick. Nuke was a much closer affair, but the Danes managed to close out the map 16-14 after taking the slight lead on the offense. MVP title for the Grand Final went to the Romanian sniper, Iulian ‘regali’ Harjău.


Top 4 of the European Development Champions Championship Season 6 looks as follows:

  1. Copenhagen Flames – $20.000 + bootcamp in Malta
  2. K23 – $10.000 + bootcamp in Malta
  3. – 4. SINNERS & Illuminar – $5.000