The competition in the B group of the European Development Championship is over. We didn’t experience any surprises – the favorite HellRaisers took first place and the players Skade were behind their backs.

The opening match for Group B was SKADE vs. Galaxy Racer. Bulgarians on Overpass gave their rivals a solid CS: GO lesson. It is enough to mention the course of the first half, which SPELLAN and the team won with the result 15:0! The match ended with a 16-3 victory for SKADE.

Another meeting in group B was the clash between HellRaisers and Heretics. The French appeared at the EDC with a different roster, without their stars, i.e. Nivery, xmsa and kioShiMa, which was obviously reflected in the results. In a competition with HellRaisers, players from the Seine played an even duel for only the first half and the game ended with a certain victory for HR by 16:10.

Thus, SKADE and HellRaisers fought to get the place in quarterfinals. In the BO3 duel, the Bulgarians did not have the slightest chance against their opponents. All five players from the CIS region played an excellent match, smashing their rivals 2-0, winning on Mirage 16: 6, and then on Dust2 – 16:7. As a result, HellRaisers were the first Group B team to secure a promotion to the play-offs. This match also ended the first day of the group competition.

Thursday started with a duel to stay in the tournament between Galaxy Racer and Heretics. The refreshed squad of the French surprised by defeating their opponent on the first map 16:11. Later, however, everything returned to normality – the Swedes beat the DEVIL team on Overpass with the result 16:6, and then on Dust2 16:7. All Galaxy Racer players deserved the distinction, because the entire line-up presented a very balanced level.

The competition in group B ended with the match between SKADE and Galaxy Racer, the stake was promotion to the play-off phase. Dust2, the opening map, was a real show of the game to the very end by both teams. The course of the meeting was a constant change and the winner was revealed in the overtime, which was won by Galaxy Racer. The Bulgarians, however, brutally played against the Swedes on Mirage. The first half was a demonstration of the strength of dennyslaw and others and the map resulted in 16:8 for SKADE. The decisive location for the meeting was Overpass. It is true that the beginning belonged to the Galaxy Racer, but from the 8th round only SKADE players ruled the server. The Bulgarians scored an amazing series of points and finished the match with the result 16:12. Thus, they will play in the playoffs of the European Development Championship.


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