The Budapest Five organisation claims to be the first professional esports brand in Hungary. It was established at the beginning of 2019 with the support of a private investor and management dealing with players. From the very beginning, the team has been focusing on the Hungarian players.

The current history of the Budapest Five team dates back to 2019, when the foundation of the Salamander Gaming line-up, later taken over by the Hungarian organisation, was laid. The team led by Levente “fleav” Fodor has been hovering around 60th place in the HLTV ranking for the last six months.

The Budapest Five has been supporting the domestic scene since its beginning by helping the players from Hungary to break through. Investing in players from the local regions is also an important goal of the organisers of the European Development Championship.

The Budapest Five representatives showed that they fully deserved the invitation to the first season of EDC. After their sensational victory over Illuminar Gaming, they repeated their success in the forZe match, taking second place in Group A. None of B5’s players excelled in an outstanding way – they achieved this success thanks to great teamwork and an equal team performance.

However, if we were to identify players who tipped the balance in favor of the Budapest Five, it would be Ádám ‘torzsi’ Torzsás – the tournament’s second-best sniper with 62 AWP eliminations, and Fodor ‘fleav’ Levente with 27 opening kills.

The Budapest Five will face sAw, the winners of Group D, in the final quarter-finals of the European Development Championship Season 1 playoff stage.


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