The Bulgarian team still has a lot ahead of them, and yet they are approaching the world top 30 more and more boldly. SKADE have finished second in Group B in the European Development Championship, and they shouldn’t feel any pressure before the start of the knockout stage – they followed their minimum plan.

The average age of the players making up SKADE is only 20 years. The youngest is Blagoi “Oxygen” Dimitrov, who joined the organization in June this year together with Viktor “Duplicate” Mitev. This duo saved the Bulgarian team from a plunging decline in the HLTV ranking. Since then, SKADE has rebounded from the 71st position to re-enter the top 40 teams in the world.

In order to advance to the playoff stage, SKADE had to defeat Galaxy Racer twice – the Swedish team of the Gustafsson brothers, which was indicated by experts as a favorite in both matches. Youthful vigor helped the Bulgarians to take second place despite the fact that they played with the substitute in the decisive match.

The SKADE team has done their minimum plan, although the young players certainly want more. Their first opponent in the playoffs will be the team K23 from Kazakhstan. The teams will meet in the third quarter-final on Friday at 10:00 CET.


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