The academy of the Ukrainian scene giant Counter-Strike is on track to make a miracle run in the European Development Championship. NaVi Junior has made their way through the Wildcard stage first, and will play in the quarter-finals soon.

NAVI Junior is a team full of youngsters, as evidenced by the average age of players being less than 20 years. Recently, the Juniors temporarily lost Valeria “B1T” Vakhovskyi, who joined Na`Vi’s first squad for the BLAST Premier Fall Finals. However, one of the most watched players in the junior squad is Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov, who just turned fifteen this year. Osipov is considered to be one of the most talented players of the young generation, as evidenced by his statistics – ratings 1.13 and 79.3 speak for themselves. Performance under the brand of the largest esports organisations in his region are an ideal place for him to gather the necessary experience.

The Ukrainian-Russian team found themselves in the first season of EDC thanks to the Wildcard competition, which meant that they were placed in the underdog position in most games. The lack of pressure to win worked well for the NAVI Junior players, who managed to recover from their first defeat at ALTERNATE aTTaX and defeated the Copenhagen Flames on the second day before retaliating against the German team.

A difficult task is ahead of NAVI Junior, because in the quarter-finals they will face HellRaisers, which in recent weeks has been in outstanding form. This duel will take place next Thursday at 13:00 CET.


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