The top eight teams went through the group competition in the European Development Championship. The fight for $ 30,000 enters its decisive phase.

Group A:

  • Endpoint
  • Budapest Five
  • FORZe
  • Illuminar Gaming

Group A caused the viewers by far the most surprises. First, Illuminar Gaming was the first to be eliminated from the tournament, despite being the favorite of their group before the start. After that, Budapest Five also eliminated forZe, which was the highest-ranked team of all EDC participants. Endpoint turned out to be the best composition of this collection, as it did not lose even a single map in the group stage.

Group B:

  • HellRaisers
  • Galaxy Racer
  • Heretics

Due to the major roster reconstruction of the Heretics shortly before the start of EDC, the French were unable to engage in a fight with opponents in their group. The other results should not surprise anyone either, after all, all teams lined up with their position in the HLTV ranking. HellRaisers, which has had nearly 70% of winratio in the past three months, looked particularly good.

Group C:

  • K23
  • NaVi Junior
  • Copenhagen Flames

NAVI Junior players have most likely been onto a winner in the European Development Championship. The second NaVi team won their first season of EDC with the Wildcard stage, but that didn’t make them the beating boys of the group. The Ukrainian team, along with the Kazakh K23, advanced to the playoffs. The players of ALTERNATE aTTaX, who won the NAVI Junior on the first day, said goodbye to the tournament.

Group D:

  • sAw
  • Movistar Riders
  • Espada
  • BEZ ZP

In group D, one of the favorites failed again. After forZe was eliminated, Espada was the highest ranked contestant. Despite this, they failed to advance from the group, losing the decisive match to Movistar Riders. The best formation of the last group turned out to be sAw, which hit with a good form at the end of the year. The Portuguese team, similarly to HellRaisers, won almost 70% of their games and is now the favorite in the knockout stage.

Play-offs will start on December 17 at 10:00. Eight teams will go head-to-head in single elimination bracket. The best team will be selected on December 20 – they will be rewarded $ 17,500.


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