The quarter-finals are over! Friday’s matches have selected another two semi-finalists who will compete tomorrow, fighting for participation in the grand finale of the first season of the European Development Championship.

The first two quarter-finals brought a lot of excitement, mainly because of the unexpected results. Today the favorites did not disappoint, but it does not mean that the clashes were less spectacular.

First, the representatives of K23 and SKADE appeared on the server. The Bulgarians on their chosen map – Inferno made a phenomenal comeback. Defending the bomb sites, they only gained five points, and after switching sides their opponents led to the score of 15: 8. The Kazakh team had a win at hand, and yet, after extra time, they recognised the superiority of their opponents. The situation changed dramatically on the next map, where K23 successfully closed up the fight. The decisive map was the most one-sided and we saw again the triumphant roster of Nicolas “Keoz” Dgus.

The second match was very similar. The Budapest Five won their chosen map – Train, but later it was sAw that began to set the rules. In the first half of the second match, the Portuguese made only one mistake, completely outclassing their opponents. Finally, the Hungarian formation had to recognise the superiority of its opponents.

The semi-finals of the first season of the European Development Championship will start tomorrow. Match pairs are as follows:

  • 11:00 – Movistar Riders vs NAVI Junior
  • 14:00 – K23 vs SAW

The winners will face each other in the tournament final for $ 17,500.


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