The semi-finals of the European Development Championship are over. Movistar Riders and K23 advanced to the finals of the tournament. Both teams defeated their rivals with the results 2-0.

The first semi-final started very early for an esports competition, already at 11:00. In this match, the Movistar Riders and NAVI Junior teams faced each other. The Brazilian-European blend set the bar high for the rivals from the very beginning. The duel on the Mirage – map of their choice took place at an express pace – steel and the company defeated their opponents with the score 16: 5. Their disposition on the defending side was particularly impressive – the Riders won all six rounds, allowing their opponent to enter the bombsite only once.

The competition on Vertigo was equally one-sided. Movistar Riders started the match on an unfinished skyscraper by scoring as many as six points in a row, winning 11: 4 at the halfway point. After changing sides, the steela team completed the destruction and finished the match with the score 16: 9. The shokz played an excellent competition – the Estonian scored 43 frags and with a rating of 1.60 he was definitely the best player on the server. Among the NAVI Junior players, no one deserved a mention – the whole team played at an equally poor level.

In the second semi-final, K23 faced sAw. The first map of the match was Nuke – Portuguese pick. However, MUTiRiS and the company did not do well at the nuclear power plant, having a large point loss to the opponent throughout the meeting. Eventually, K23 closed up this match with the result of 16:11.

After the break, it was time for Overpass – the choice of Kazakhs, Russian and Belgians. It was also the first really close map in these semi-finals and it was really exciting from start to finish. The lead passed from hand to hand, both teams scored quite a series of points. In the end, however, it was K23 who managed to kept cool, first catching up with his rival, and leading this match to a satisfying final. The duel of two shooters – n0rb3r7a and the stadodo, who served the viewers with a skill show, was great to watch. The overpass finally ended with the score of 16:13 for K23 and it is the mou team that can enjoy reaching up the final. The riders will meet Movistar Riders tomorrow at 13:00.


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