The K23 team turned out to be the best formation in the first season of the European Development Championship. Throughout the tournament, they only lost two maps and outclassed their rival in the final.

K23 made it to the knockout stage, advancing from the first place in Group C, where they did not face many problems. They started their play-off adventure with a very close match against SKADE, and then they firmly dealt with the Portuguese sAw. Movistar Riders turned out to be one of the best teams of the tournament: low rated team according to the HLTV ranking appeared in the finals.

The Kazakh formation completely outclassed its opponents in the final match. The grand final of the first season of the European Development Championship started with the Inferno map selected by K23. Rustem “mou” Telepov and co. played a phenomenal half on the terrorist side with ten successful attacks. After switching sides, Movistar Riders only detonated one bomb.

The second map turned out to be just as quick. Movistar Riders, despite playing on a location of their choice, were completely unable to play the role of attackers, so they only scored two points. They fought for a comeback in the second half and even managed to fend off their opponents’ advances five times in a row, but with a minimal margin of error prevented them from continuing after one defeat.

K23 winning the championship won the main prize in the form of $ 17,500 and the possibility of a bootcamp in beautiful Malta!


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