The first season of EDC is over! Let’s take a second look at what has happened in our competition over the past few weeks.

The last edition of the EDC started with the open qualifiers that encouraged 300 teams to sign up. Four teams have advanced to the Wildcard stage – Onlinerss, 100PingGods, 1win and Marlian eSports. Soon after, they were joined by the players from the Project Eversio flag who won the first season of the Malta National League.

Sixteen teams participated in the Wildcard stage and the best of them, Winstrike, was ranked 39th on the HLTV rankings. The fight for two places in the main event was very fierce, and eventually the slots were taken by Na`Vi Junior and BEZ ZP (ex-Cyber ​​Legacy).

The players of the Natus Vincere academy have proved that the qualifying teams have a chance to compete with theoretically better opponents. Not only did NAVI Junior emerge from the group, but also advanced to the semi-finals where their miracle run was eventually stopped by Movistar Riders – one of the biggest surprises of the tournament.

Movistar was one of the lower-ranked teams at the start of the first season of the European Development Championship – they barely caught the top 50 in the HLTV rankings. Nevertheless, the squad led by Lucas “steel” Lopes made it to the finals of the first season of the European Development Championship, but ultimately failed to deal with the K23. The Kazakh formation dominated its opponents.

In addition to the teams that surprised everyone, there were also those that left a lot of dissatisfaction. One of them may be Illuminar Gaming, which before the tournament started as the favorite, and finally took the last place in its group. The fans of teams such as forZe, Espada and Endpoint, which were the highest-ranked teams, certainly expected more. Ultimately, forZe and Espada fell in the group stage, while Endpoint ended in the quarter-finals.

The first season has just ended, but we’re not stopping. Registration for the second season of the European Development Championship will be open soon, with $ 30,000 up for grabs again.


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