Second open qualifiers are now over, which means we know the teams that secured their spot in the European Development Championship Wildcard stage and will fight for a slot in the main event.

First qualifying tournament took place on July 3-4th. Team A U R A managed to defeat all of their opponents, including ITB1 in the grand final. They are now going to compete in the Wildcard stage and have a chance to attend the main event with a $30.000 prize pool.

Second tournament was held on July 10-11th. DOGS turned out to be the best team out of all participants and showed no mercy to their opponents, winning the grand final with a convincing results: 16:9 and 16:5. EDC S5 Wildcard stage will take place on July 15-18, and the complete schedule is as follows:

* Wildcard stage – 15-18 July
* Main event group stage – 18-28 August
* Playoff stage – 2-5 September

Complete list of the Wildcards participants will be announced soon.