First day of the group B matches is over, which means we know the team that secured the spot in the playoffs. Budapest Five had a really tough group but they turned out to be the best, won the whole thing and proceeded to the playoffs.

Budapest Five is a team representing Hungary, and is currently 58th in the world according to HLTV ranking. They are most definitely the strongest team from their country, and today they proved that they are in a great shape. Organization was founded at the very beginning of 2019, and the current roster has not been changed for almost 1,5 years. This makes them very strong and stable, which led them to the 41st position in the HLTV ranking in their peak earlier this year.

In their group in the European Development Championship they had to face Sangal in the opening match, and then HellRaisers Parimatch in the upper bracket final. They surprised their first opponents and managed to pick up a victory over them, despite the fact that 3 out of 5 Sangal’s players have been playing for Space Soldiers with XANTARES on board in the past. Facing HellRaisers Parimatch, they showed complete dominance so their opponents had no chances on the decisive map.

In both of those matches, the MVP title went to Kornél ‘kory’ Szedlár who was playing fenomenal today, getting 82 kills in today’s games. They are the third team that have already proceeded to the playoffs, and their opponent will be determined soon.