First day of the group C has just ended. French team DBLPoney managed to win both of their matches and proceeded to the quarter-finals.  On their way they faced ex-100PG and K23.

DBLPoney is a French roster that started their activity earlier this year. During this time they managed to get to the 31st position in the HLTV ranking (#23 at their peak). It is not their first appearance in the European Development Championship tournament. In season 4, they were placed at the second position after they lost the grand final to Entropiq.

In their opening match today, they secured a pretty convincing win over ex-100PG. After 16:4 victory, they moved to the group C final and faced K23 with AdreN and mou on board. Despite losing the first map, it was DBLPoney who won the whole series and proceeded to the playoffs. Rest of the teams from their group will fight again tomorrow since there still is 1 playoff spot left for them.