Endpoint is one of the most stable teams on the European tier 2 scene. The international squad is considered as one of the favorites to win the first season of the European Development Championship.

The organisation from the United Kingdom started 2020 with the employment of a new, very promising roster. Starting near the 50th place in the HLTV ranking, they quickly made their way to the top 30, where they remain to this very day. Success in the first season of the European Development Championship would ensure their position in the longed top 30 teams of this year.

Last season brought a turning point for Team Endpoint – the contract of Shahar “flameZ” Shushan who replaced Thomas “Thomas” Utting who had been sold to Team Envy. A 17-year-old player from Israel is recognised as one of the most talented players of the young generation. In late November, he was hailed as one of the top three players who keep changing Israel’s position on the international Counter-Strike scene.

Shahar in the EDC group stage proved his worth by obtaining phenomenal statistics – ratings of 1.33 and 93.1 ADR developed on three maps. This placed him among the most successful players in the first stage of the event.

Team Endpoint, together with Shahar “flameZ” Shushan, will start the group stage of the European Development Championship on Thursday at 10:00 CET. Their opponent will be the second best team of the group D.


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