Eden Esports and Fantasyexpo, the organizers of the recently announced European Development Championship, are pleased to start a global partnership with GamingMalta, an independent non-profit foundation set-up by the Government of Malta and by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

Collaboration is the result of common goals for all companies. For years, the entities have focused on developing the esports ecosystem and organizing many grassroots initiatives. In the past GamingMalta was a partner of such tournaments as Malta Vibes, Champions Cup and SuperNova Malta. Next year Malta will be the host location for ESL Pro League events. 

Another initiative supported by GamingMalta is the Malta National League, which will help players from the country on their way to the European top by providing guaranteed participation in the European Development Championship. 

Ivan Filletti, COO of GamingMalta:

“Delighted to see the local ecosystem grow in stature and adapting to new realities. This tournament is another example of a local based successful esports organization forging a way forward.”

Sergey Bidzan, CEO of Eden Esports:

“We are pleased to extend our partnership with GamingMalta, whose support within the last 3 years has played a key role in Eden Esports’ growth from a tiny local gaming center to an international tournament operator.

The way GamingMalta supports the esports scene is just incredible and their initiatives are an example to be followed by other governments. We are excited to move side by side towards our common goal — to make Malta one of the world’s esports hubs.”

Representatives of the above-mentioned companies know how important it is to involve fans in esports broadcasts. This initiative is directed not only to players from Malta, but also to the viewers of the region. Fans will be able to cheer for the representatives of their country in high-level competitions. 


About GamingMalta 

GamingMalta is an independent non-profit foundation set up by the Government of Malta and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Tasked with the remit of promoting Malta as a center of excellence in the digital and remote gaming sector globally, it is also responsible for liaising with the local relevant authorities to improve Malta’s attractiveness as a jurisdiction and enhance the ecosystem surrounding the gaming industry.

About Eden Esports

Eden Esports is a Malta-based esports organization founded in 2017 by the Eden Leisure Group, an entertainment and hospitality leader in the country. Eden Esports organize online and offline international esports competitions with the most known titles such as SuperNova Malta 2018, Champions Cup 2019, and Malta Vibes 2020, featuring high prize pools and top teams. Eden Esports goal is to make Malta one of the esports hubs through hosting events, live streaming, and relocating businesses from the industry to the island.

About Fantasyexpo

Fantasyexpo is a leading european gaming agency. Effective project implementation consistent with our partners’ and viewers’ needs is our motto. Our experience, developed strategies and proven tools help us achieve goals in a way that stands out on the market. Fantasyexpo team consist of people who are passionate about gaming and esport who enjoy ambitious projects. We seek new trends and we know what players need. Working with media and influencers is a daily part of our work. 

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