April this year, HellRaisers announced their return to the CS: GO scene and contracted a new roster. Eight months later, HR is one step away from the world’s top 30 and will be promoted if it wins the first season of the European Development Championship.

The CIS team is a carefully selected mix of less experienced players led by Dmitriy “JR” Chervak. The 27-year-old Ukrainian player has gained a lot of experience in recent years by playing in two Majors as a member of Vega Squadron. Now he is both in-game leader and sniper in HellRaisers, often leading his squad to win.

Vadim “Flarich” Karetin is by far the most outstanding player among the “youngsters”. The Latvian player is already 24 years old, but little experience on the professional stage and the results he achieves make it possible to talk about him in the context of “young talent”. Flarich is one of the HellRaisers top scorers, as evidenced by his EDC statistics so far – rating 1.31 and 75 ADR. Right behind him was Nikolaj “kAliNkA” Rysakov with the same rating of 1.31 and 81 ADR.

HellRaisers is still a team with great potential. With the right dose of systematic work and a bit of luck, they can get to the upper levels of the world ranking. They certainly have a good chance of a high position in the first season of the European Development Championship.

Their first opponent in the playoff stage will be the group stage sensation – Natus Vincere Junior. The match will be played on Thursday at 13:00 CET.


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