First day of the group B has ended, which means we already know the winner. Team INFINITE managed to win both opening and decider match, defeating SKADE and HONORIS.

Romanian roster representing Infinite Gaming shocked everyone and won a very close 16:13 opening match against SKADE – which is the EDC season 3 champion and currently 25th team in the world according to the HLTV ranking. Considering the fact that Infinite is currently placed at rank #101 and they have started their journey in the Wildcard tournament, they were underdog in this matchup, but they managed to control the game and moved forward to the group B winners match. After losing the first map to Honoris, they managed to come back to the game and win both nuke and inferno, securing their spot in the playoffs.

Rest of the teams will battle again tomorrow and SKADE versus bankaPEPSI matchup will open things up. HONORIS will be waiting for the winner in the decider match where the teams will fight for another slot in the playoffs.