First day of the European Development Championship group stage is now over. We’ve only had 2 matches played today, since Lyngby Vikings had to forfeit their game due to the schedule problems.

LDLC is one of the highest ranked team in the entire tournament – currently placed at a 31st position in the HLTV ranking. It is their peak, so the team is in a great shape right now, and they have definitely proven it.

In the opening match, we had LDLC facing M1 Eden which has a new roster. It was a pretty convincing 16:6 victory for the French team, so they made it to the group A final and fought against Young Ninjas in there. First map went to LDLC after a great game that ended up with a 16:6 score. On the second map, Ninjas almost made a comeback, but eventually LDLC picked this one up as well and proceeded to the playoff stage not losing a single map in the entire group stage. Tomorrow, we are going to see M1 EDEN competing against Lyngby Vikings in the elimination BO3 series, and then Young Ninjas facing the winner of this match in the decider. The winner will join LDLC in the playoffs participants list and will stay in the tournament with a 30.000$ prize pool.