Competition in group C is now officially over. Movistar Riders managed to win both elimination and decider matches and secured their spot in the playoff stage. 

Movistar Riders is an organization founded in 2017. Their roster is international, and their newest member is Owen “smooya” Butterfield, who got his experience in German team BIG. He officially joined his new team in February 2021, but with his team they have already shown that their teamplay is on a very high level. They are currently placed at #22 in the HLTV ranking and it is their peak. They have been playing phenomenal lately, and definitely deserved a spot in the playoffs.

Their group in the European Development Championship was really tough. Yesterday, they had to face and lost against Sinners which is the 25th team according to HLTV ranking right now, and today in their elimination match, they fought with K23 – last season’s winner. They managed to take revenge on them after last season’s grand final, and then won 2-0 against Izako Boars to secure a playoff spot.

Everyone on the team seems to be in great shape and played incredibly well, but the 2 MVP titles today went to Kristjan ‘shokz’ Jakobson  and Alejandro ‘alex’ Masanet. In both of those matches they did not lose a single map, and they proved that they can aim to get the highest places in this tournament. Their opponent in the quarterfinals will be determined soon.