The representatives of Malta in the very first season of the European Development Championship will be the players of Project Eversio – the best team in the Malta National League.

Last weekend, the first season of the Malta National League was held and 8 teams competed for a place in the European Development Championship Wildcard. The teams were divided into two groups, within which they competed against each other on a round robin basis. In group A, Project Eversio turned out to be the strongest team, not yielding a single point, followed by Ky5. In the second group, the players of Iconic Cinco were unbeaten, and the second place was taken by Kebab Merchants.

On Sunday, November 22, playoffs took place according to the single elimination bracket. The teams Iconic Cinco and Project Eversio met in the grand finale. It was not surprising that the latter team did not lose a single map. Project Eversio won the title of the best team in Malta, ensuring their participation in the European Development Championship Wildcard, from where they can advance to the main event with a prize pool of $ 30,000.

EDC (European Development Championship) is a series of online tournaments organized by Eden Esports and the gaming agency Fantasyexpo. The first edition of this event will feature five tournaments with a total prize pool of $150,000. The organizers, wanting to reach the widest possible group of viewers, decided to use an innovative system of invitations. Entities from different regions, by purchasing the rights to broadcast the event, also get the right to slots in the competition and according to their preferences, they can invite selected teams or conduct a qualifying tournament on their own. This solution is to support local broadcasts in individual regions, thanks to viewers who want to follow representatives of their country.

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