The quarter-finals showed which 4 teams out of all participants are the best. Nemiga, Movistar Riders, Sinners and Sprout managed to win their matches and proceeded to the semifinals. The last 2 days of the tournament are ahead of us, and the $30,000 prize pool will be divided between the semifinalists.

Second day of the quarter-finals kicked off with Sinners facing international team HellRaisers. After 3 maps, players representing Czech Republic managed to win the whole thing, including a very close 16:14 game on the last and most important map. Their opponents, despite the recent roster changes, played incredibly well. Kirill ‘Gospadarov’ Gospadarov who represented ex-ETHEREAL before, performed very well and got the best K-D statistics out of all HellRaiser’s players.

In the second game of the day, we watched Sprout playing against portugese team sAw. In this match, we have also seen 3 maps, but this time, on the decisive one, players from Germany completely dominated their opponents and won it with a 16:6 result. It was a game between the 21st and 22nd team according to the HLTV ranking, and the team placed higher won this time.

The semi finals are scheduled for February 24. The games are as follows:

  • Nemiga vs Movistar Riders – 12:00 CET
  • Sinners vs Sprout – 15:00 CET

The grand final will take place the day after, and the winner will get 17.500 $. All games will be broadcasted on Eden Esport’s official channel