Two teams from Group D have filled two last finalists slots for the first season of the European Development Championship. Play-offs will start this Thursday.

The fight in group D is over. As expected, the sAw team stood at the top of this group, defeating BEZ ZP and the Espada on their way up. The Portuguese have had an excellent  few weeks of performance, so the fast and successful way up in the group stage shouldn’t surprise anyone.

The second day of the competition in group D brought a surprise. Movistar Riders eliminated BEZ ZP in the losing match, the team that was included in the competition thanks to Wildcard. Then the Spanish squad took up the fight against Espada. The Russians are ranked 20 places lower in the world ranking. That didn’t stop the team led by Lucas “steel” Benedito Lopes. The Brazilian captain led his players to victory and Movistar Riders eliminated Espada from the competition.

sAw and Movistar Riders have finalised the list of finalists. The play-off phase will start on Thursday at 10:00 am, and the grand final is scheduled for next Sunday.

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