First day of group C matches is over and Sinners turned out to be the best today. The group was really tough but they showed us some great CS and managed to win both of their matches after a very close, decisive match.

Sinners is a team founded in 2020 and is representing Czech Republic. Majority of their current roster has been there since then and they are led by a very experienced player – Tomáš “oskar” Šťastný. They are currently considered as a 25th team according to HLTV ranking, and that is their peak. It means that they are in very good shape and will try to prove it in the playoffs. They are the best and most stable team in their country, and with oskar on board they took their gameplay to another level. 

In their group of the European Development Championship they had to face Movistar Riders in the opening match – a team that went all the way to the grand final in the last season of the tournament. Sinners won it with a convincing result 16-9, and then faced Izako Boars in the upper bracket final. The series was very close, but eventually the team representing Czech Republic picked up a victory.

The MVP title, as usual went to Tomáš “oskar” Šťastný. He played fenomenal today and scored 90 kills in the last best of three series. He proved that he still can compete on the highest level, but how far can they go? Their opponent in the quarterfinals will be determined soon.