First day of the group C competition is over, which means we know the first team that proceeded to the playoffs. Bulgarian SKADE managed to win both of their matches and will compete again in the quarter-finals.

Team SKADE is currently placed at 30th position in the HLTV ranking, which is very close to their peak. They are on the top of the rankings among teams from their country and the organization was founded in 2019. Two of the players – Denislav ‘dennyslaw’ Dimitrov and Alex ‘Rainwaker’ Petrov have been there since the very beginning. They got their slot in the group stage from the Wildcard tournament and it is the third time that they are competing in the European Development Championship main event.

In their matches today, they had to face DBL PONEY – a very strong french team with ex G2 players on board, and ENCE which is currently placed at the 22nd position in the HLTV ranking. They played incredibly well today, not losing a single map in the entire group stage. MVP titles of the games went to dennyslaw and Rainwaker, but all of the players performed incredibly well.

Group C elimination and decider matches are scheduled for April 23rd, and group D will kick off on April 16th.