The grand final of the EDC Season 3 is now over. Bulgarian team SKADE turned out to be the best out of all participants, and grabbed 17.500$ and a bootcamp in Malta as a prize.

Skade started their journey in the Wildcard tournament. Together with Double Poney, they managed to qualify for the main event. It was their third appearance in the European Development Championship, but it seems that they have never been in a better shape – they are currently placed at a 23rd position in the HLTV ranking, which is their peak. Their opponents in the group stage were very tough – Double Poney, Game Agents and ENCE – which they faced again in the grand final. They managed to get first place in their group, and then played phenomenal games, winning very close matches in the playoff stage.

To kick off the day, SKADE faced team representing Czech Republic – Sinners in the semifinal. Despite losing the first map, they managed to pull off a come back and won the rest after a very close matches. The grand final against ENCE was a really great series to watch. It went all the way to the third map, where SKADE left their opponents with no chances, proving that they deserve to be at the top. For winning the entire competition, Skade got $17.500 as a prize for their victory, and an opportunity to attend a bootcamp in Malta.