The grand final of the European Development Championship is over. Sprout turned out to be the best, defeating every single team that they faced.

Sprout advanced to the playoff stage from the first place in the group D. In their opening match, they won 16:14 against ex-ETHEREAL, and then faced Lyngby Vikings. The match was also very close, but after 3 maps, they managed to pick up a victory. Their journey in the playoff stage kicked off with match against portugese team sAw. We needed 3 maps to find out which team is better, and eventually Sprout won the whole thing and proceeded to the semifinals. Tomáš ‘oskar’ Šťastný, who was playing incredibly well, has already been waiting for them there. His team Sinners won the first map 16 : 5 and had a 6 round advantage on the second one, but Sprout managed to come back to the game and won it 2:1.

In the last match, they faced Movistar Riders, which participated in the European Development Championship’s grand final for the second time in a row. Players from Germany lost the first map again, but on the second and third, they proved that they are here not by accident. They dominated their opponents 16:5 on de_train, and then convincingly won de_mirage, where their opponents won 10 rounds.  

Sprout got $17.500 as a prize for their victory, and an opportunity to attend a bootcamp in Malta.