The second season of the tournament came to an end and it is time to share some of the most interesting statistics.

The whole tournament was won by team Sprout, which has defeated Movistar Riders in the grand final and won 9 out of 13 maps played in total. Their best player was Josef ‘faveN’ Baumann with 1.18 rating, although it was not the highest rating in the tournament. Both Igor ‘lollipop21k’ Solodkov and Owen ‘smooya’ Butterfield managed to get a 1.26 rating through the whole event. The best KD ratio was also set by smooya, who had an amazing result of 83 kills more than deaths.

The biggest amount of the AWP eliminations, which is 140, was scored by Fritz ‘slaxz-‘ Dietrich with smooya and Tomáš ‘oskar’ Šťastný not far behind him. The most successful player in the opening duels was Igor ‘lollipop21k’ Solodkov once again, with a great result of 66.7% entry duels won.

The map we have seen the most is Nuke which was played 13 times. Inferno, Dust2 and Train got second place and was played 9 times, and the least common map turned out to be Mirage which has appeared only 4 times. The biggest difference between rounds won as terrorists and counter terrorists could be observed on de_vertigo, where the attackers won 60.8% of total rounds played.

We have seen 8 aces in the tournament. Two of them were scored by players representing forZe, which as a team, got a second result when it comes to K-D difference (+52) and only Movistar Riders, with 130 kills more than deaths, got a higher score.