The second season of the tournament has just ended. Now it is time to remind ourselves how it went and what exactly happened during the competition in the last few weeks.

The season as usual started with the open qualifiers. Two tournaments were organized, and the best teams from them advanced to the Wildcard stage. Team tikitakan and GROND showed no mercy to their opponents and secured their spots by winning every single game in the bracket.

The list of 16 participants in the Wildcard stage was completed by Project Eversio – winners of the Malta National League. The highest ranked team in the HLTV ranking, which was Sinners representing Czech Republic, did not disappoint. Tomáš ‘oskar’ Šťastný with his team convincingly went through the qualifiers and proceeded to the main stage. Russian team ex-ETHEREAL didn’t lose a single map in the qualifiers and joined them on the final participant’s list.

The main phase started with the group stage, where last season’s grand finalists met. This time, team K23 lost to Movistar Riders and was eliminated at the earliest stage of the tournament. At that time, the list of participants included 5 teams from the top 30 of HLTV’s ranking – Nemiga, sAw, North, Sprout and forZe. Except team North, which has ended their journey in esports during the tournament, every single one of them advanced to the quarter finals. Eventually, Sprout and Movistar Riders faced each other in the grand final. The Germans won the whole thing after an amazing best of 3 series, and Movistar Riders had to accept the fact that they were placed at 2nd place again.

The second season has ended, but the details about the next edition will be announced soon. Teams will once again fight for a $ 30,000 prize pool.