The Bulgarian squad won the title of European Development Champions Championship Season 7 after beating VOYVODA 2-1. The team proved to be the best of all teams and secured the $20,000 grand prize and a bootcamp in Malta.


Team 500 started run in the playoffs, so it didn’t have a long run to the finals. On their way throughout the tournament, they had to face teams such as K23 (last season’s finalist), Mouz NXT, 9INE (the favorite to win the entire tournament), and VOYVODA in the Grand Final. Each of their playoff games ended 2-1.

The grand final started with a winning map for the VOYVODA team. Team 500 on Nuke tied the score and won their map 16-12. Inferno on the deciding map was under the control of the 500 team, which ultimately resulted in victory in the grand finals.
Georgi ‘SHiPZ’ Grigorov was MVP of the Grand Finals.


Top 4 of the European Development Champions Championship Season 7:

  1. Team 500 – $20.000 + bootcamp in Malta
  2. VOYVODA – $10.000 + bootcamp in Malta
  3. – 4. 9INE & GamerLegion – $5.000