We know all the quarter-finalists of the European Development Championship. The favorites did not disappoint, and the games will be back on February 22. After a week full of emotions, we know all participants of the next phase of the tournament. The group’s winners are: Nemiga, Budapest Five, Sinners and Sprout, going through the group stage without losing a single game.

Group A was a very interesting and close one. Nemiga managed to come out on top by winning confidently against debuting TPT and then Young Ninjas. The deciding game was a match between sAw representing Portugal and Ninjas in Pyjamas academy – Young Ninjas. Despite the fact that sAw lost a bo1 with them earlier, they managed to take revenge in their second game and proceeded to the playoffs.

Group B was won by Budapest Five. They won both of their games, and HellRaisers joined them on the playoff’s participants list after a very close game against Turkish team Sangal. Team SKADE representing Bulgaria lost both of their matches and lost their chances for the playoffs. The matches in this group were very close and it was hard to judge who is going to win and move to the next phase.

The biggest disappointment of the tournament was the performance of the winners of the previous season – k23. The team representing Kazakhstan has not appeared in official matches since the previous final. In this edition, despite the fact that a very experienced player, Dauren “AdreN” Kystaubayev joined the roster, they lost both of their matches, and got eliminated from the tournament. The winners of the group was a team representing Czech Republic – Sinners, and Movistar Riders joined them on the quarter finalists list, after a close match against Izako Boars.

The last of the groups was dominated by Sprout, which did not lose a single game and proceeded to the playoff stage. Second spot in the quarterfinals was taken by Russian team forZe, which defeated ex-ETHEREAL as well as Lyngby Vikings. They confidently won both elimination and decider matches with a 2:0 result and showed that they are in great shape.

The next phase of the tournament begins on February 22. The full list of playoff participants, as well as the matches are as follows:

  • Nemiga vs  foRze
  • Budapest Five vs Movistar Riders
  • Sinners vs HellRaisers
  • Sprout vs sAw

All matches will be played in the best of 3 format. The semi-finals are scheduled for February 24, and the final will be played a day later. 

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