The quarterfinals are over. We also know that the semi-finals will certainly lack a Polish accent.

The day two of the European Development Championship Wildcard started quite early at 10:00. At the beginning we had the opportunity to watch on the server x-kom AGO and Na`Vi Junior, which is the 50th and 85th world team according to the HLTV ranking. The hawks on Mirage, which was chosen by them, showed huge power and spirit beating their opponent – 16: 8. Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov and the company responded immediately by winning the Vertigo map – 16:11. During the third map we again witnessed a better game by the Polish team, who took over them – 16:11. Thus, the team of Dominik “GruBy” Świderski was eliminated, and the young team of Natus Vincere moved down the ladder.

Then representatives of Lilmix and FATE joined the action. When it comes to the meeting between them, we did not receive much emotion. The Swedes rode a Bulgarian parcel – 16: 9 on Dust2 and 16: 9 on Inferno. It should be applauded that each of the Swedish players contributed to the promotion to the semi-finals. Looking at the statistics – it’s hard to point to a worse link on their side, since everyone finished this BO3 positive.

Around 4:15 pm the show started with the match of Winstrike and GamerLegion. This game was much more even. Both squads fought bravely in three fierce locations. It all started with Train, where the European formation was on top – 16:12. The Winstrike Team took over Nuke – 16:13. The overpass, which was the decisive place of the struggle after the 30th games was played, fell into the account of the group of Vlаdуslаva “bondik” Nеchуроrchuk. Eventually it joined the list of teams in 1/2 play-offs.

At the end of the quarterfinals there was a duel – 1WIN versus Cyber ​​Legacy. The Russians had a dream start in it, as they won the competition at Mirage – 16:13. Being in good spirits, they approached the competition on the Train, which from the first rounds went according to their wishes. Eventually they defeated the enemy – 16:11.


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