First day of the group B competition is over, which means we know the third team that will take part in the playoff stage. Entropiq won both of todays matches and secured their spot in the next phase.

Entropiq is a Czech esports organization, currently with 4 players from Russia and 1 from Kazakhstan. Their current roster previously played as “Winstrike”, but on May 2021 Entropiq signed them as their players. They are currently placed at the 15th position in the HLTV ranking, which makes them the highest ranked team in the entire tournament. It is only 1 place behind their peak, so they are in a great shape lately and they definitely proved that today.

They started their EDC journey with a very close 16-14 victory over Izako Boars, which is currently testing new line-up. In the group final, they faced Bulgarian team Fiend and won both maps with a 16-13 result. Both MVP titles went home with Viktor ‘Lack1’ Boldyrev who managed to get 1.44 ranking in the winners match. They will now compete in the playoff stage which is scheduled for June 24-27th. Rest of the teams from group B will fight again tomorrow and 1 out of 3 teams will proceed to the next stage.