Competition in the group A is now officially over, which means we know the team that joined Hyenas on the playoffs participants list.

AKUMA is an Ukrainian team which became quite popular lately. It all started after their win over teams such as Na’Vi or Virtus Pro in the EPIC League CIS 2021. They are currently placed at the 20th position the HLTV ranking which makes them the second highest ranked team in the entire EDC tournament. Their players used to play as “Project X”, but very recently they started competing as AKUMA. They kicked off the group stage with a lose against Hyenas, just to join them on the playoffs participants list the day after. Today, they won both elimination and decider matches over ex-Marlian and IN.GAME with 2-0 results and will now compete in the next phase which starts on June 24th. MVP titles for those games went home with Evgeniy ‘j3kie’ Sergachev and Sergey ‘Sergiz’ Atamanchuk but all of the players showed us some incredible individual skills.

Group B starts on June 11th at 12:00 CEST. Group stage will last until June 19th and the playoff stage kicks off on June 24th.