Group D is now officially over, which means we know another quarter finalist. Turkish team Sangal won their decider match in a very convincing way and got a step closer to the grand final with 17.500 $ as a prize.

Sangal is a Turkish esports organization founded in 2017. Current roster, which includes 3 players that represented Space Soldiers in the past, have been there for almost a year now, which makes them a stable and solid team. They are currently placed at 55th position in the HLTV ranking and it is the second time that they are competing in the European Development Championship. In season 2, they lost their decider match and did not make it out of groups, but this time, they managed to pick up a 2-0 victory over Budapest Five and proceed to the next phase.

In their group this season, they had to face Budapest Five twice, in an opening match and then in the decider, as well as Sinners in the group’s final. They were very close to securing 1st place in group D, since they lost to Sinners after overtime. They made it pretty clear that they belong in the playoffs by winning the first half of the decider with a 14:1 result.

Group C elimination and decider matches are now ahead of us, and are scheduled for 23rd April.