Project Eversio turned out to be the best and will once again represent Malta in the European Development Championship

The Malta National League is a tournament, where representatives of Malta compete for a spot in the EDC Wildcard phase. For a third time in a row, Project Eversio dominated their opponents and secured their slot in the tournament. In the grand final, they faced Iconic Cinco for a second time in this season of the Malta National League, and managed to pick up a victory. First match between these two ended up with a 19-17 victory, and the grand final was a best of three series, which took us all the way to the third map.

Last time, Project Eversio got eliminated from the European Development Championship by team Nexus at the earliest stage of the bracket. This time, they will try to proceed to the main stage and prove that they belong there. Complete list of teams participating in the Wildcard stage will be announced soon. For now, Project Eversio is the first officially announced participant. 

Complete schedule of the tournament is as follows:

  • Wildcard Stage – 25-28 March 2021
  • Main Championship – 7-17 April 2021
  • Finals – 29 April – 2 May 2021