First 2 days of the European Development Championship Wildcard brought us a lot of great matches and emotions. Now it is time to move to the Quarterfinals.

Eight out of sixteen teams survived and will play again in the next few days. Although we had a lot of 2-0 results, the games were very close and we have seen a lot of overtimes or 16-14 results. The opening match went pretty smooth for Lyngby Vikings. They won the first map with a 16-5 result,  although their opponents MBAPPEEK were pretty close to take this to the third map, but eventually lost in the overtime. Game after that, we had GROND – a team that started their journey in the open qualifier and was so close to surprise Sinners. Eventually, the team representing Czech Republic won the game after 2 maps with overtime. Another team that played in the open qualifier tournament – Tikitakan took down Trident with a 2-0 result and in the Quarterfinals, they will face Lilmix – a team that won 2:1 with cr1ps.

Second day of the Wildcard tournament was a 2:0 score in every single match. In the first game, Wisla Krakow was very close to making a comeback against Tricked on the first map, but eventually lost it in overtime and the whole series 0:2. Team IN_GAME won with Astralis Talent pretty convincingly, same as the ex-ETHEREAL who faced BEE and came out on top of this one. In the last match, we had 30 rounds in both maps. Team Nexus managed to pick up a victory over Project Eversio, winning 16:14 both on Vertigo and Mirage.

Complete list of results looks as follow:

  • MBAPPEEK 0:2 Lyngby Vikings
  • Sinners 2:0 GROND
  • Trident Clan 0:2 tikitakan
  • Lilmix 2:1 cr1ps-
  • Tricked 2:0 Wisła Kraków
  • Astralis Talent 0:2 IN_GAME
  • ex-ETHEREAL 2:0 BEE
  • NEXUS 2:0 Project Eversio

The quarterfinals start on January 23rd. There are a lot of great matches ahead of us, and winners of the matches move straight to the semifinals. 

It will be broadcasted in many languages – on main english channel and on our partner’s channels